Supplier FAQs

What is eSource Wizard?

eSource Wizard is a powerful eRFx and eAuction solution that allows buyers to invite suppliers to submit quotations electronically. This innovative software automates processes and delivers data instantly, enabling both parties to work faster, improve efficiencies and achieve greater results.

What technology do I need?

If you have access to the internet, you will require no additional IT equipment.

Will I receive training and ongoing support?

Yes! We provide an easy to use “how to” handout to all suppliers once registered. Our team provides ongoing support and training at no additional cost, and users can choose how they wish to access this support by telephone, email or live chat.

How many user accounts can I have?

You can have as many accounts as you need.  You can set up separate logins for each user.  New users can be always added in few quick steps and any old users can be taken off the system easily.

What is the triSaaS Marketplace?

The Marketplace enables buyers to easily search for suppliers based on specific requirements such as geographic location and categories. This dynamic directory gives buyers the opportunity to increase competition by providing them with the ability to explore and identify new suppliers to invite to tenders. This also offers more opportunities to establish new relationships and close more deals.


Why do I need to register for this website?

Only when you have registered may you express interest in current tenders published on the website. In addition, to gain access to tender documents sent by the buyer, you will be required to register to gain access to the secure area of the website.

Do I have to pay to register for the website?

No, registration to access to the Supplier Portal is free.

How do I register?

Go to any page on and click the “Free to Register” button located at the Get Started section. From here you will be required to enter information about your company and yourself.

I have registered. What happens next?

Once the registration process is completed, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your account.

I tried to register but it stated the company was already registered to another person. What do I do?

You should contact the person who the account was initially registered by. That person will need to add you as a new contact for the company. If this person is not available, you will need to contact the procurement department and request they add you as an additional contact for the company.

Login Information

I have forgotten my login information. How do I recover this?

On the Login portal screen, click the Forgot Password link and follow the instructions. Should you have forgotten your email address, please contact the procurement department for assistance.


I am unable to upload my pricing file?

If your documents are failing to upload this may be due to several reasons.  Firstly, check that you have not entered external data source or a VLOOKUP in the sheet as our system won’t read the file as it is considered a security risk.  Secondly, if you are offering an alternative product do not enter data within the like for like columns.  Same applies if you enter data within the like for like columns, do not include data within the product offered, you can only enter one or the other.  Thirdly, if you are entering data within “your total case weight” only enter a number and not text (e.g. 10 and NOT 10 kg for example).

I have uploaded my pricing file, but I have some warnings, what do they mean?

These warning flags are to highlight products that might be a concern to allow you to check before submitting. Any lines where you have not quoted will display as a zero-line bid and a blue flag is used to identify. Products that are out with the tolerance set by the buyer will also be flagged, for example, any products that are x % more or less than the current price will be flagged. This gives the supplier an opportunity to check that their case price reflects their case weight entered and matches the unit of measure asked for by the Buyer. Download the pricing file and filter by each warning to quickly identify the products, check and amend if necessary and upload back into the system.

I have completed the questionnaire, but I cannot Submit. What should I do?

This means you have not provided information for all mandatory questions within the questionnaire. On the Submit popup screen any questions which are mandatory but have not got a response will be highlighted making them easily to locate. If the Buyer is looking for an attachment to a question, please ensure that you attach a document.

If I encounter any issues in relation to submitting an event whilst using eSource Wizard, whom should I contact?

Please contact the support team at su*****@tr*****.com

I have submitted my return. How do I know this has been received? What happens next?

You will receive an alert informing you that you have successfully submitted your return.  Next, your return will be processed by the buyer who will inform you by email of the next stage.

Public Tenders

I have expressed interest in a public event. What happens now? How do I know this has been received?

You will receive an email notification from the buyer informing you if your registration to that tender has been accepted.  If so, you will have access to the tender documents for that event, allowing you to answer questions and to upload pricing if required.

Is it a case of lowest price wins?

Definitely not! We recognise that every buyer is different and will prioritise the key criteria to suit their business needs. A luxury hotel group isn’t necessarily going to select the cheapest bed linen as it won’t match their brand guidelines.

How can I receive notifications when a public tender is published on the website?

Once registered as a supplier on the website, you will be able to sign up to receive alerts for future events that match your criteria in terms of categories and geographic locations.

I have logged into triSaaS and I cannot see the event?

If you are unable to view the event, please contact the buyer directly for assistance.

Award Fees

What is the award fee?

triSaaS will invoice a fee to the winning supplier once the contract is awarded. There is no charge for suppliers using the system – only the winning supplier will incur a small fee based on the tender value.

How is the award fee calculated?

Award fees are based on the term value of the contract and calculated in accordance with the current Award Fee Scale. The term value is calculated by multiplying the annualised tender value by the length of the contract in years. Fees will be billed at the contract award date. If the contract is awarded to more than one supplier, the term value will be allocated between the successful suppliers and the relevant award fee will be charged to each supplier.

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