3 ways to manage revenue loss and minimise liabilities

Your ability to act swiftly will determine the success of your company’s recovery. There are 3 key actions you must take to ensure the survival of your business.

1. Review existing contracts

It is critical that you are able to document every current contract and regular committed expense. But manual contract management is inefficient and almost impossible when contracts are dispersed throughout the organisation.
Our online solution, triContracts, automates contract management by allowing you and your team to store and access all your contracts in one place. Proactively monitor and manage agreements, reduce off-contract spending, take action on a upcoming renewal or termination and more.

2. Engage your suppliers

How fast you bounce back from this crisis will depend on how well you’re able to contain costs over time. There may be significant benefits to put your contracts out to tender now. F&B is just one example, but what about all your non-F&B categories? We recently conducted a customer survey and found that over 90% of contracts are not being tendered on an annual basis. 

Our eTendering platform, triTender, simplifies tendering by delivering data analytics with the click of a button. You can run tenders in a fraction of the time and make smarter decisions that achieve better outcomes.

3. Use technology to work faster and smarter

The skill and speed of procurement is critical. Using our online platform to run multiple tenders at the same time and automate contract management will certainly help your team work faster and smarter. 

Whether you’re working in the office or remotely, our solution enables you to do twice as much in the same time with more accurate data that enables quicker decision making.

We are offering a free 60 day trial period. Get full access to triContracts and triTender , plus we’re waiving all training and implementation costs.

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