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Analyse data at lightning speed

We have partnered with some of the country’s leading purchasing professionals to develop a solution that simplifies data analysis. Simply upload and publish your RFx using our world-class eSourcing software. It will automatically send the tender to selected suppliers and analyze their responses in seconds.

Our software’s ability to automatically analyse supplier data is what makes eSource Wizard so different from other solutions. It offers:

Auto scoring.

Two-way interactive portal that guides buyers and suppliers and improves communication between parties.

Graphic dashboards with key metrics such as supplier performance.

Auto version control to reduce errors and maximises auditability.

With a few clicks of the button even the most complex RFx can be completed in minutes. Imagine doing more RFxs with better outcomes in a fraction of the time it takes to run a single RFx now.

Customers reduce YoY costs by 13% on average by taking actions that drive bottom-line savings and efficiencies. Customers typically achieve an ROI of 10-50X our license fee.

How long does it take you to analyse bids?

Let’s say you have 500 items you buy on a regular basis and wish to tender. You invite six supplier’s to provide quotations. With your current process, you would send an email to each supplier and ask them to fill in an Excel sheet.

Once all responses are provided, you need to do a VLOOKUP or paste each response back into an Excel sheet. Next, you likely spend hours, days or sometimes weeks sorting, filtering and interrogating the data in order to gain a clearer picture of the market.

eSource Wizard reduces the time to run an RFx by up to 500% by improving the process with an easy to use, intuitive interface.

eSource Wizard empowers suppliers to respond to a RFX quickly and efficiently

Every day suppliers are providing better service and prices to our customers because we make it quick and easy to do so.

With email RFx document exchange, mistakes are often made and it can be a time issue to complete a RFx. eSource Wizard speeds up the process for both supplier and buyer by sending automatic alerts, and guides them throughout the process. Both parties save time!

Our eSourcing software alerts buyers when the selected suppliers begin working on the RFx and when they have submitted their response.  Instant analysis and auto scoring allows your purchasing team to focus on achieving the best possible outcome instead of spending precious time building spreadsheets or correcting mistakes caused by manual processes.

We have the whole chain covered

eSource Wizard can be used for the obvious RFx like food, drink and consumables to the less obvious ones –  light bulbs, linen hire, service providers such as PAT testing, waste collection, agency staff and more.

Our unique approach is transforming the RFx process. We’ve tested the solution with many suppliers – even ones with very little technical expertise, and the results are the same: a high level of engagement with an overwhelming positive response.

10 ways to improve outcomes

Learn how eSource Wizard automates your existing processes, allowing you to run every RFx faster, negotiate smarter and achieve better outcomes.

Are you ready to do more in less time?

eSource Wizard lets you run and analyse every RFx faster, smarter, better.

Find out how much more you could be doing with eSource Wizard.

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