Tender faster, increase competition and drive additional savings.

eAuction enables procurement teams to run more tenders

Maximise opportunities and achieve greater savings.

eAuctions reduce manual processes so that procurement teams can run more events on a regular basis.

For suppliers, eAuctions reduce the sales cycle time since award decisions can be made very quickly. These awards are made not by price alone, but other factors including quality and service levels – allowing each supplier to create their own competitive advantage.

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Choose the type of eAuction that meets your needs

Price Auction

Enables suppliers to see the leading bid for the total basket. By comparing their own quote, suppliers can identify the price reduction required to attain the winning position.

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Ranked Auction

The bid price of the winning supplier is hidden and suppliers can only see their own ranking and the last bid amount. This encourages each supplier to price aggressively.

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Live Item Auction

Suppliers will only see if they are winning on a product line-by-line basis but are never aware of their overall ranking or the leading bid. This helps to ensure each supplier provides  the very best price on every line.

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Mix & Match Auction

Choose the features of any of our auctions to suit your objectives. We leave it up to you to decide how you’d like suppliers to submit their pricing for each event.

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eAuction Key Features

Reserve Supplier

Ensures the supplier’s quote is at or below the reserve price.

Buyer Portal

Get instant visibility of live eAuction data including supplier’s ranking and savings against current supplier.

Auto Extensions

Great for last minute bids. Dictate the length and number of auto extensions.

Enable Winning Bid Lockout

Lock a specific line from the winning supplier until another supplier outbids them. 

Auction Preview Bid Delay

Suppliers can prepare their pricing but are unable to start actively bidding until the eAuction begins.

Best & Final (BAF)

Our eAuction allows suppliers to update their bid or add an influencing factor. 

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