If an EHO officer walked into your premises right now without warning, how confident are you that all processes are being followed and your recorders are up to date?

Paper-based checklists and forms make it difficult to manage food safety. A lot of time is wasted searching for paperwork and tracking down team members when information is required. If you’re unable to provide the EHO officer all the necessary records, it is likely you will jeopardise your rating and potentially cause harm to your brand.

Simplify food safety and reduce anxiety when the EHO pays a visit

With Logit, EHO visits take less time and are stress-free. There is no more searching for paper checklists and no more second guessing whether tasks have been completed or if there are outstanding issues.

Our digital solution guides team members throughout the day, and alerts managers whenever something is missed or needs attention. Logit enables you to:

  • Assign repeatable tasks with digital checklists to ensure teams follow procedures and stay on track.
  • Create triggers that automatically send managers actions requiring resolution based on pre-determined criteria defined by your organisation.
  • Raise and track actions from audits and adjust workflows to improve compliance.
  • Instantly generate auditable records and reports that can be presented to the EHO upon request.
  • Benchmark sites or shifts and gain insight on performance to identify patterns or problems.

Still not totally convinced? Below are answers to 5 frequently asked questions that reassure why Logit is all you need to be prepared and ready for the next EHO visit.

1. Are the EHO forms compliant?
Yes, Our Logit digital forms are developed with compliance in mind and they were built to meet all Environmental Health standards.

2. Do I have to use standard templates or can I customize them?
Our food safety templates are all you need to stay compliant, however, they are fully customizable. You can easily edit any form to meet your exact needs.

3. I like the paper forms we currently use. Would we be able to digitize them?
Yes, we supply a list of checklist templates that you can clone and edit to your needs, but we also give you the ability to create the checks from scratch, as simple or complex as you like.

4. Will the HO get alerted if a check is not completed? What if there is an issue with the EHO?
Silence is golden! If you have not been alerted then there’s not been an issue. Our system automatically notifies management or the appropriate team member if a check has been missed, is incomplete or a recording is outside a specified parameter. If the EHO reports an issue or failures occur, managers are alerted in real-time and will be guided by the system on what action to take. The HO will also have the ability to generate reports to identify trends and problem areas that need improvement.

5. Can I print the EHO results?
Yes, you can print any report generated by Logit, although eliminating paper is one of Logit’s key advantage. But if you are looking to reduce cost, time and carbon foot print then the question would be why would you want to print? We would always advise the digital storage of all forms and checks for ease of reference and lookup. Logit is cloud-based, so you can store and access any document anywhere at anytime.

Try before you buy

Logit provides everything you need to be prepared and confident for your next EHO visit. To prove it, we’re offering a free 14 day food safety trial. You have access to our standard food safety templates which can be easily edited to meet your exact needs.

    • Food temperature
    • Fridge temperature
    • Daily cleaning checks
    • Weekly cleaning checks
    • Monthly health checks
    • Waste record
    • Food poisoning allegation
    • EHO inspection log and more!

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