This week, Logit rolled out a new eSignature feature. eSignatures are a digital version of the paper-based method of signing signatures. The act of signing is the same as the traditional method, but the signature is captured electronically rather than handwritten.

Here are seven reasons why eSignatures are the better solution.

  1. Paperless workflow
    When you use Logit’s digital solution, there is no need for printing, scanning or meeting in person. The electronic document is recorded and stored within Logit’s system, providing managers with complete visibility into what work has been done and by whom.
  2. Better User Experience
    Going digital not only enables team members to perform tasks quicker but makes it more convenient by allowing users to complete and sign forms electronically anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  3. Fewer errors
    Paper-based checks and forms are susceptible to mistakes including required signatures that are left blank. Digital forms and eSignatures reduce errors by validating each check and signature to prove the work was completed.
  4. Centralized document storage
    With Logit, you will benefit from having a central document repository. You save time by quickly accessing the information you need instead of searching for documents in file cabinets or different systems used across the organisation.
  5. Legal compliance and wide acceptance
    One of the great advantages of eSignatures is that they are enforceable in about every developed country worldwide. eSignatures help to reduce risk and ensure compliance requirements are met.
  6. Auditability and accountability
    It can be difficult to prove who did what and when using a paper-based system. An eSignature enables you to quickly audit each task and prove that everything is in order. With the click of a button, you have access to all the information including who signed off and any follow up action required.
  7. Lower admin costs
    e-Signatures can reduce the monetary impact of human error such as signing mistakes, which can slow down the process or create costly problems down the road if gone undetected. With Logit, admins can easily track who has signed or approved a document, and what issues may be holding up the process. You will have a complete paper trail without the actual paper! There are also the costs of items such as paper, stationary, copying and storing documents. Although these costs may seem minimal, they do add up over time and can impact your bottom line. As businesses look for ways to cut costs during this high inflationary period, moving to a digital solution just makes sense.

All these benefits add up to big time and cost savings for your business. From reducing paper and printing costs, to reducing non-compliance and the amount of time it takes to manage your workflows effectively.

Why not schedule a demo and see how our digital forms and eSignatures can benefit your business.