Logit is helping leading companies to fast track their digital journey by bringing together multiple business processes under one easy to use digital solution.

Why continue using manual or outdated processes when our all-in-one platform not only simplifies all the work, but provides significant savings across the business?

Below are five common ways Logit saves our customers time and money. You can also watch the video for a condensed summary. 😊

1. Managers save time each and every day

Managers spend a great deal of time and effort ensuring everything is completed correctly and on-time. Access to the right information can be lost or hard to find in emails, texts and spreadsheets. Lack of visibility on who is doing what and potential problems that need attention makes it necessary for managers to spend even more time tracking progress and ensuring issues get resolved.

By automating and digitally recording, managers have instant access in one location and are able to stay informed in real-time across departments and sites.

Customers report that managers are saving over 3 hours per week reviewing, monitoring and managing their team’s tasks thanks to Logit.

Logit notifies managers when tasks are late and issues occur, allowing them to take quick action without having to waste time searching for information, checking progress or tracking down team members.

2. Perform onsite audits faster and less frequently

Dramatically reduce the number of onsite audits required per annum including Operations, Food Safety, Statutory Compliance and Finance. Digital records provide visibility and insights to the entire team, ensuring standards are being monitored and action is taken when issues are identified. These all reduce the number of times per year that managers have to visit sites to check paperwork and compliance.

In fact, onsite audits and inspections can be reduced by half, typically saving 24 hours per site/year since managers don’t have to spend unnecessary time checking whether company procedures are being followed.

When on-site audits are conducted, Logit ensures that the process is quick and efficient:

  • Assess each site based on audit criteria defined within the form.
  • Provide clear guidance of audit expectation with clarification provided by photos, attachments or comments to ensure audit assessment is accurate.
  • Identify business critical issues that require immediate attention by senior managers, and track issues from identify to resolved.
  • View findings in real-time from any device to ensure everything is going smoothly.

3. Improve efficiencies and increase productivity

Your employees have a lot on their plate and wasting time searching for information and not feeling connected or valued can negatively impact performance. Juggling to achieve standards across operations, food safety, statutory complianceand maintenance can be difficult without the proper tools and communication.

Studies reveal work management tools that make it easier for team members to complete tasks and share information can increase employee productivity by 10% or more and the business will be 3 times more likely to outperform the competition.

Logit enables staff to perform tasks with ease whilst seamlessly staying connected and motivated.

  • Ensures employees know what is expected by guiding them every step.
  • Align teams and keep everyone in the loop with on-demand access to corporate news, videos, training guides and documents such as SOPs.
  • Acknowledge team members for a job well done, motivate others to share successes and build stronger relationships across the organisation.

4. Reduce downtime and costly maintenance repairs

Believe it or not, 55% of businesses use spreadsheets and schedules to monitor their maintenance, and 44% still use paper! These out-of-date tools are inefficient and can result in increased failures and costs.

Unlike complex CMMS software, Logit’s all-in-one solution simplifies maintenance management whilst minimising costly repairs and reducing downtime by up to 20 percent yearly.

Logit simplifies maintenance. It enables your team to quickly report on and respond to issues or requests from the palm of their hand. Plus you’ll save time and money with the ability to proactively schedule and track all preventive activities across departments and sites.

  • Track requests in real-time and prioritise actions.
  • Quickly delegate each task and alert team members.
  • Create schedules for individuals or teams.
    Scan QR codes to record and manage work order lifecycle.
  • Manage asset types, history, maintenance records and costs.
  • Improve forecasting and identify improvement opportunities.

5. Save hours per site on HR & training

The staffing crisis in 2022 is making it even more challenging for HR teams to effectively onboard and train employees. Companies must provide tools that empower staff across departments to perform tasks, share ideas, receive constructive feedback and develop innovative approaches to improving the business. All of these can reduce staff turnover and minimise the manager’s time retraining.

With Logit, onboarding new employees is simplified, reducing the strain on management resources and improving the speed in which new staff can be fully contributing. All communications and documents are accessed from one location, so team members never have to waste time searching for the information they need to do their job the right way, everyday!

Customers believe Logit can easily save HR teams 50-100 hours annually onboarding and training staff, allowing them to use that time to focus on employee retention strategies.

There are many other ways Logit can be used to save your business so much time and costs. Our customers are achieving immediate results and you can too. Why not schedule a demo and see for yourself what Logit can do for you?

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