Is your procurement team working hard, but not getting the results you need? Maybe your processes and tools are inefficient, or there’s simply not enough hours in the day to do all the work effectively?

Many organisations have turned to eSourcing to improve performance, but how do you know whether a cloud-based solution like eSource Wizard will benefit your procurement team?

Here are 20 telltale signs Iin no particular order) you should make the switch to eSource Wizard.

  1. Rely on email to communicate with and manage suppliers
  2. Considering additional resource(s) for the procurement department
  3. Considering downsizing your procurement team
  4. Complete reliance on individual(s) rather than procurement processes
  5. Spend too much time analysing supplier submissions
  6. Renew agreements with existing supplier(s) rather than running a RFx
  7. Not all of your contracts are in one place
  8. No oversight of your top 100 supplier agreements
  9. Focus on the same small group of suppliers each year
  10. No or little oversight of procurement processes
  11. Dispersed procurement processes across the organisation
  12. Choose to bypass good governance in procurement process
  13. Not being proactive in price negotiations to minimise business costs
  14. Unsure of market conditions/pricing
  15. Difficulty comparing supplier bids/quotations in a timely manner
  16. Unable to keep track of rebates and key contractual trigger dates.
  17. Lack of transparency with suppliers
  18. Unable to make quick, informed decisions
  19. Not confident awards are without bias or favour
  20. Promised savings from supplier(s) fail to materialise

If you answered yes to two or more, than it’s definitely time to contact us and request a demo.

eSource Wizard will help solve all of the above issues with an easy-to-use interface that takes almost no time to set up. Your team will get the work done faster and deliver better outcomes. We’ll even offer a free 90 day trial, so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.